Outdoor Venture Partners

We are an outdoor hospitality private equity firm seeking opportunities in outdoor recreation-oriented and related asset classes including hospitality, RV resorts, campgrounds, marinas, and other travel and leisure property types. We are constantly evaluating new deals with a target acquisition price of $1m – $15m. With an eye for quality, our focus includes outdoor recreation-oriented real estate located in the Southeastern United States. We target properties within a 2 hour drive to major metropolitan areas or within a proximity to major transportation corridors. Our goal is to provide broad access to the best outdoor recreation sites while offering meaningful health, wellness, and hospitality experiences for our guests.

Who We Are

Our management team has a diverse background with extensive experience identifying, structuring, and executing real estate transactions across a variety of asset classes. Our group has assembled to pursue outdoor-oriented opportunities supported by powerful demographic trends and macroeconomic tailwinds.

Outdoor Adventure Retreats

Outdoor Venture Partners is the proud owner of the Outdoor Adventure Retreats brand, consisting of a portfolio of quality sites that RVers, campers and adventure seekers have, or will soon, come to know and trust. The Outdoor Adventure Retreats brand signals to consumers that the given location is a site they can trust will consistently meet their standards for comfortable accommodations, quality services, access to nature, outdoor activities, and opportunities to unwind from city life.